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Can You Lose Weight From StressWhen your body is going through stressful situations, it produces a hormone known as cortisol. Cortisol helps the body to handle the pressure it is subjected to. This hormone is related to weight gain since it increases insulin level and appetite as well. The fat cells around the waist are the most sensitive to cortisol, thus when stressed you would gain more weight on the waistline. For someone under a lot of stress to lose weight, they will have to reduce the level of cortisol, and this can be done by managing the stress levels. No matter how hard you work out or eat healthily, you will not lose weight if your cortisol level is high. Change of diet, exercise, and sleep can help to reduce your cortisol level. Can you lose weight from stress? The following are ways that you can.


Get Enough Sleep

Lack of enough or disrupted sleep increases the levels of cortisol which can make you gain weight. Research has revealed that people who sleep during the day and stay awake at night have high cortisol levels. Some people work night shifts, and this leaves them with no option. Here are some tips that could help you get maximum sleep whether you sleep at night or during the day.

  • Exercise during the hours that you are awake but have a strict sleeping routine.
  • Avoid caffeine because it will keep people active and awake most of the time.
  • Avoid disruptions few minutes to your seeping time. You can use something like earplugs.
  • Take naps if your shifts do not allow you to get enough sleep. This will help you feel less sleepy.


Do Moderate Exercise

People under a lot of stress will require a different approach to exercise compared to regular people. This is because if the level of cortisol is not watched, working out will be futile. Avoid intense workouts as they will make your situation worse by increasing the level of stress hormones. Remember, you cannot achieve your goal of losing weight if the level of cortisol is high.

Yoga is a perfect workout for someone who is stressed up and trying to lose weight. It is an exercise that involves both the mind and the body. It is the most effective for this situation since it helps to reduce stress and at the same time cut some calories.

Running is another perfect exercise for people under a lot of stress. When you run, your heartbeat rises. Heartbeat rise is associated with stress relief due to the “runner’s high” which is a sense of euphoria.

Going about usual house chores in the house is also an activity that is considered as exercise. It keeps your heartbeat high which is useful for reducing stress and losing weight.

Dancing is a cardiovascular activity that can help you reduce stress since it causes your heartbeat to increase. This might be the most natural workout for someone going through stress since it is fun.


Anti-Inflammatory Diet

High sugar levels lead to increased cortisol levels and inflammation. Processed foods contain large amounts of sugar as compared to whole foods. Take more foods with high-fiber content since fiber helps to reduce the sugar level. Fiber takes a longer time to be digested thus passes easily through the body without much sugar being absorbed into the bloodstream.

When you are under stress, avoid stimulant drinks as they make the level of cortisol rise. These stimulants include coffee and anything else that contains caffeine.

Not taking enough micronutrients and antioxidants will result in your cortisol level shooting to the roof resulting in more weight gain.

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Reduce And Manage Stress

When stressed, it is almost impossible to lose weight until you manage your stress or at least reduce the levels of your cortisol. There are natural methods of reducing stress.

  • Meditation

When meditating, the body relaxes and forgets about the stress you are undergoing. Daily meditation is an excellent way to lower the levels of cortisol and thus losing weight will not be difficult.

  • Taking Deep Breaths

This exercise brings your body to natural relaxation. Diaphragmatic breathing relieves muscle tension and anxiety thus lowering your cortisol.

  • Spend Time Outdoors

Research shows that the physical setting can help reduce stress. Nature is well-documented and thus suitable to help reduce stress. Try nature walks or even along the beach.

  • Use Adaptogen Herbs And Superfoods

One of the easiest ways to can you lose weight from stress is using adaptogen herbs. They help to reduce your cortisol levels naturally through various mechanisms. They have high-antioxidant content which helps in reduction of inflammation. Adaptogen herbs also have anti-depressant effects such as regulating the blood sugar level, fatigue reduction, and blood pressure regulation. Antioxidants help control cortisol. Reishi mushrooms and cocoa are among the top adaptogen foods that you should consider.



From the above measures of can you lose weight from stress, you have noticed that losing weight while under stress is not easy. The only way to lose weight when in such a situation is to first regulate your cortisol levels by reducing stress.


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