Can You Lose Weight While Drinking Alcohol: Weight & Alcohol

Can You Lose Weight While Drinking Alcohol

Experts consider an alcoholic drink to be any drink with about 15 grams of ethanol. It is a drink that has deeply entrenched in our society. Many use alcohol during fun moments and social gatherings. The brains of humans are wired in such a manner that drinking has become habitual. So the question becomes can you lose weight while drinking alcohol?

When you drink hard alcohol, your body weight is going to reduce. In fact, there is evidence that alcohol consumption helps in weight loss.

So Can You Lose Weight While Drinking Alcohol? You have to limit how you drink and the number of bottles you take. It is advisable you take less than three bottles of beer. All these factors create a relationship between alcohol and weight.

You need to be responsible when drinking alcohol. Regular beer has about 145 calories per 12 ounces. Another fact is that calories from alcohol do not have any nutritional benefit. Research done showed normal calories affect overweight people leading to a high-fat diet.


Drinking Patterns & Weight:

Can You Lose Weight While Drinking AlcoholDrinking a small amount of alcohol reduces the body weight. Drinking one or two bottles will not in any way increase body weight. You should, however, restrain from excessive drinking because it will negatively impact on your body weight.

A study published in 2003 about metabolism showed alcohol is good for health. Limit yourself to drinking, and your body size shall have no harmful consequences.

If for example, you drink hard alcohol, you limit the overall level of caloric intake. Choosing a cocktail drink wisely maybe the best solution. Example of a cocktail could be; picking diet soda or tonic instead of the regular drink. This reduces the total amount of calories in the beverage. Cocktails have 120calories per serving or less.


Benefits of Alcohol on Body Weight:

Below are the different types of drinks and their advantage to body weight in answering the question can you lose weight while drinking alcohol.

Red Wine:

If you take a glass of red wine, it could help in weight loss. A study from Oregon university revealed that the dark red grapes found in some red wine could help you. It does this by managing obesity and a metabolic fatty liver because of a chemical called ellagic.

This chemical reduces the growth of fat cells and stops it from being created. The process will help boost metabolism of fatty acids in liver cells.

Red wine is beneficial in cardiovascular. It has pro-antigenic, high resveratrol content and anti-inflammatory properties. These components make alcohol beverage the best drink to help in weight loss and heart diseases.

Can You Lose Weight While Drinking Alcohol

White Wine:

White wine also has several weight loss advantages. Researchers prove that white wine is better than red wine in weight loss capabilities. It contains phenols which have higher antioxidant count than the ones found in red wines.

Can You Lose Weight While Drinking Alcohol

Sparkling Wines & Champagne:

A glass of this drink is light and effervescent. It has yellow-green sparkling pink 65 soft rose and 65 calories. This capability makes it a healthy beverage for your body. The drink is not going to cause an increase in body weight because of its low-calorie content.

Can You Lose Weight While Drinking Alcohol


It contains a natural sugar that helps you shed some pounds. The beverage was given mice mixed with water, and it was proven to have a low level of glucose. So next time you are deciding on the type of alcohol to drink take tequila.

Can You Lose Weight While Drinking Alcohol


One shot contains 97 calories, and it has zero sugars. Vodka has zero calorie seizer which help you stay within your budget. When taking a vodka drink, you can add fresh fruit to a more pizazz taste. This alcohol is good since it helps you remain within the level of calories required.

Can You Lose Weight While Drinking Alcohol

Steps to Help you Reduce Weight While Drinking:

Step 1:

You should cut the drinking rate to promote weight loss. You can try to consume light or ultra-light versions of your favorite beers. This helps reduce the number of calories and improve healthy living.

Can You Lose Weight While Drinking Alcohol

Step 2:

Eat a small amount of food more frequently throughout the day instead of eating two or three large meals per day. Try also to build healthy meals such as whole grain and vegetables.

Can You Lose Weight While Drinking Alcohol

Step 3:

Eat from a plate rather than a box. You’re supposed to put a sizable plate to avoid overeating and adding excess calories. You can also read the nutrition label on each food product and determine the size.

Can You Lose Weight While Drinking Alcohol

Step 4:

Always take a low-alcohol beer. These kinds of beers tend to have low levels of calories. Most of them have 67 calories in a 12-ounce bottle and 3% of alcohol.

Can You Lose Weight While Drinking Alcohol

Step 5:

For you to reduce weight while drinking you need to perform weight training. At least 15 minutes per week. This will make your body muscles stay fit and avoid fat deposits in the lower abdominal.

By following the above steps, your body will stay fit even when drinking. Some of the low alcohol percentage beers seem to have little levels of calories.



From the above information, can you lose weight while drinking alcohol? Balancing is the best way to reduce weight loss. You can still take alcohol with high percentages but maintain a good cocktail. You also should try to limit your intake on different occasions.

Alcohol also can help in increasing metabolism rate in the body. When you plan to drink, just research on what type of drink you can buy.


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