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Some people claim that sleeping can help you shed some pounds. But just how true is that? Do you Lose Weight When You Sleep?

Importance Of Sleep

lose weight now - do you lose weight when you sleepProper and adequate sleep can help you avoid excess weight gain, but it is probably not the answer to long-term weight loss. Do you lose weight when you sleep? some studies show that getting adequate sleep is a critical factor in weight loss. One might think that staying up for long helps the body to burn fat. Sleep medicine specialists say that getting less than six hours of sleep a day can be catastrophic. Sleeping for fewer hours not only expands your waistline but also increases the risk of contracting diseases such as stroke, heart disease, and depression.

Poor sleep is a contributing factor in weight gain. The more you are awake, the higher the chances of grabbing a snack. More eating means more weight gain. People who don’t sleep adequately tend to eat more to stay awake. This is because the body requires more energy to continue performing in a sleep-deprived state.


Sleeping Well Can Help Curb Hunger

Failing to sleep well may cause hormonal imbalances which could make you super hungry even when you don’t need to eat. Appetite hormones ghrelin and leptin are produced during sleep. Ghrelin makes you crave for food as it signals your brain that it is time to eat. Leptin, on the other hand, limits your eating habits. However, if you are sleep-deprived, the levels of the hormone plummet thus making you consume more food. When the two scenarios are at work, you end up eating more and adding extra pounds.

Growth hormones could also be responsible for weight loss. When you are asleep, these hormones are at work building muscles and rejuvenating tissues. The less sleep you get, the less time your body engages in bodybuilding processes. You might, therefore, want to give your body some time to build and repair your muscles.


Not Getting Sleep Could Affect How Your Body Burns Calories

A person burns an average of 77 calories per hour which amounts to about 600 calories per 8-hour night. The quantity of calories burned depends on your basal metabolic rate. Besides building muscles, other body processes also require energy. The body has to maintain a specific temperature and support the body’s breathing and heart rate. When you are dreaming, your brain can be as active as if you were awake.

When you are asleep, the body gets a chance to expel excess fluids. The excess liquid that you may have accumulated in the day makes its way out of the cells into the bloodstream. It is then transported to the kidneys. In the morning you drain the fluid when you urinate. If you weigh yourself after visiting the bathroom, you’ll find that you are a little lighter. The average person excretes about 1.2 liters of fluid in urine. Another litter is lost through perspiration and breathing. This comes to approximately 2.2 kilograms per day.


Sleep-Deprived Are Less Likely To Lose Weight Easily

According to research, people who are sleep-deprived are less likely to lose weight easily. The research further indicated that catching good sleep is critical in weight loss journey.

Well then, do you lose weight when you sleep? The answer is yes! Cheating on your sleep could have adverse effects on your health. Skipping to sleep makes your brain to be sloppy and makes you susceptible to making bad decisions. Sleep deprivation dulls the decision-making part of the brain.

Additionally when you are tired your brain will continually look for things that make you feel better. The insular cortex is activated thus increasing pleasure-seeking behaviors. You may, therefore, crave more things and end up overeating. Furthermore, sleep-deprived persons ted to desire for junk food as compared to people who get enough rest. Sleeping well thus helps your brain to reboot and make optimal decisions. Catching the much-needed sleep might be beneficial in the end. If you are looking to lose weight, finding some time to sleep is just as vital as getting time to hit the gym.


Sleep And Exercise

Getting enough sleep helps you to stick to your diet. More rest means less night-time snacking on unhealthy foods thus helping you stick to your dietary plans. If you are exercising, getting enough sleeping hours is crucial.

Exercising requires energy and focus. Sleep deprivation makes you less energized, and you lose focus. If you want to adhere to your workout regimen, you need to ensure that you are fully rested. Good rest also ensures that your muscles recover from heavy exercising which eases the subsequent workouts.


Creating A Balance In Your Mental And Physical Health

The bottom line is that sleep plays a vital role in creating a balance in your mental and physical health. As with servicing a car, your body’s energy must be replenished so that it can function optimally. It is recommended that adults get at least six hours of sleep. For those looking to lose weight, getting adequate sleep can help you curb those midnight cravings. Combine your workout and diet with enough rest for amazing results!



While answering the question Do you Lose Weight when you sleep, sleep on its own cannot be said to induce weight loss. Granted, it might help you shed some kilos, but you cannot use it as a weight loss program. Sleeping can be used as a catalyst to bolster other weight loss regimens such as exercising and dieting. Get enough sleep, eat well and get exercising.


Danielle · December 11, 2017 at 8:01 pm

Very informative post! I will continue to focus more on getting enough sleep. Right now, I don’t always get the necessary zzzz’s, and my body probably doesn’t function as well with focusing or losing weight!

    admin · December 11, 2017 at 11:52 pm

    yes, getting the proper sleep is really important. I bet if you start getting the adequate amount of sleep you will see a difference.

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