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Does Smoking Cigarettes Make You Lose Weight

Smoking cigarettes has been found as a major cause of deaths in the United States and most developed countries. Does smoking cigarettes make you lose weight? well smoking causes lung cancer, bronchitis, and heart disease. Smokers generally weigh less than non-smokers. This is because of the effect nicotine has on the brain. Research indicates that nicotine, which is the active ingredient in tobacco works to suppress appetite. You easily reduce your appetite by taking a drag on a cigarette. With an inhibited appetite, you reduce the amount of food you eat.

Does smoking cigarettes make you lose weight? Cigarettes were known to be appetite depressants among pre-Columbian indigenous Americans and Europeans. In fact, tobacco companies in their advertisements have for decades capitalized on the nexus between weight loss and smoking. In the 1920s, the American Tobacco Company popularized the sale of tobacco as a means of achieving the much sought after small waistline. The campaign was dubbed ‘reach for a lucky.’ In 1968, the Virginia slims were developed by Phillip Morris. This cigarette brand targeted wealthy young women. The name itself suggests that the cigarette slims.


Smoking and Sports:

Does Smoking Cigarettes Make You Lose WeightFor a long time, cigarettes have been associated with athletics, health, and fitness. The official sponsors of professional baseball, golf and horse racing was Bull Durham cigarettes. In the 1970s, Virginia slims sponsored the Women’s Tennis Association which was then dubbed ‘Virginia Slims Circuit.’

This seemed to front the correlation between smoking and fitness. It is, however, foolhardy to say that smoking leads to improved fitness. Smoking is known to cause respiratory problems. Weak lungs are not exactly the best assets for sportspersons.

While it is not established whether most people begin smoking for weight loss purposes, research indicates that most white female adolescents with weight-related problems are prone to start smoking. Adolescent girls who value being skinny may resort to smoking as a weight control measure.


Smoking and Weight:

Does Smoking Cigarettes Make You Lose WeightSmoking tends to damage your taste buds thus making food less appealing leading to low intake of food. It also increases metabolism, and therefore the body can burn more calories. However, the health effects that come with smoking outweigh any perceived benefits.

Studies show that smoking cigarettes do not always lead to weight loss, in some instances it might actually lead to weight gain. Heavy smokers may actually weigh more than people who smoke less. Smoking creates insulin resistance thus causing an accumulation of fat around the waist.

Smoking might sound like an easy way to have fun while losing weight. Not only are you able to maintain an addictive past time but also lose weight in the process. Before that thought crosses your mind, you must consider the effects that smoking has on your body to the extent that it limits your appetite.

When you smoke, your blood vessels narrow thus reducing the blood flow to the stomach. The stomach then ceases to function properly leading to the loss of appetite. This is the very reason why smoking is said to increase the risk of getting a heart attack; the vessels are constricted increasing the risk of clogging in the arteries.

Bearing this in mind, you would not call smoking an efficient way of losing weight. You’d be losing weight but at what cost? Smoking and dieting are not exactly the best of friends.


Now You Might Think That You Can Simply Smoke?

Does Smoking Cigarettes Make You Lose WeightAfter you have achieved your weight loss goals you think you can quit smoking. First, it would be challenging to stop as nicotine is highly addictive. The worst bit is that you are likely to gain more weight after quitting.

This is because you would no longer have the nicotine which acted as an appetite suppressant. Consequently, you are likely to consume more food leading to weight gain. Your taste buds would also start functioning well, and you’ll find food to be appealing.

This is why smoking is not an efficient way of losing weight in the long run. Smoking might help you lose a few pounds, but it will make you dependent on the nicotine at the same time. Smoking also increases the risk of contracting severe illnesses which weaken the respiratory system.


It Is Important To Note That Not All Smokers Register Weight Loss:

Does Smoking Cigarettes Make You Lose WeightFor some people, cigarettes do not act as appetite suppressants. Cigarettes cannot, therefore, be relied on as a consistent method of losing weight.

Buying tobacco is costly and so is seeking treatment for smoking-related ailments. Instead of opting to smoke to lose weight, you could invest in a good fitness program which would enable you to lose weight in a manner that is not detrimental to your body.

Smoking puts your heart at the same risk it would have been subjected to if you were overweight. Desisting from smoking ensures that you have a healthy skin and body devoid of yellowing as result of smoking.

Nicotine gum is slowly becoming popular as an alternative to smoking. It eliminates the effects of smoke on the lungs. While it may appear an attractive alternative, it might be harmful in the long run. It might actually increase addiction and may damage the mouth. The habit could actually bring more harm than good.



Does smoking cigarettes make you lose weight? Yes, it does! But the most important question should be, at what cost? The essence of losing weight should be for health purposes, and smoking does not improve your health.


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