Erythritol Keto – Best Low Carb Sugar Substitutes for Seniors

Erythritol Keto

There are many low carb sugars available in the market. The question is which one you need to choose or which one not? To solve this question first you will need to understand that why we use these low carb sugar?

First of all, people who got diabetes are those whos insulin have stopped working. In those people, sugar level gets started to increase in the blood from a particular level. Which is a really harmful practice and because of this, they can’t eat table sugar. In that situation doctors suggest, avoid to eat all those things which have regular sugar inside. Some people are sugar lovers so they can’t live without taking it. So, for those people, low carb sugar introduced. Which give the taste of regular sugar with minimal calories. Secondly, diabetes attacks more of senior citizens than youngsters.

So, they also have to take care of sugar intake during their food routine. So, this is also beneficial for seniors too. Third and most important, it is for those who are on Keto diet and have craving for sugar. Low carb sugar helps them from that craving situation.


General Benefits of Erythritol Keto:

To fix all such problems low carb sugar has introduced to seniors, diabetes patients, and keto diet people. General features of low carb Sugars are given below which are creating its importance enormously in the modern age:

  • Decrease risk factor for cardiovascular disease which is common for routine sugar
  • Decrease risk factor for fatty liver disease that happens because of regular sugar
  • Reduce and almost vanished the chances of diabetes
  • Decrease chances for leaky gut which ultimately lead to obesity

These benefits give it an extra edge on regular table sugar. This is the reason demand and usage of low carb sugar are increasing day by day.


Basic Division of Low Carb Sugar:

Erythritol KetoIt is obvious that low carb sugar is much beneficial than regular sugar. Now the question is which one low carb is the best especially for seniors which could act as a true substitute among different available low carb sugar?  Low carb sugar has two major types

  • Artificial Sugar(Such sugar which made of artificial ingredients)
  • Natural Sugar(Such sugar which made of natural ingredients)

You should avoid artificial things which create more side effects than benefits. Natural sugars are best, but in natural sugar, you have to select which one is best for you? Because there are some other factors which are responsible for the functionality of the natural sugar.


Basic Elements to Look For Any Low Carb Sugar:

To get a clear understanding about which low carb sugar is good and which one is bad, you have to understand ingredients of low carb sugars, a number of calories in each gram, amount of dose to be used and sweetness level or taste. Here is the detail of these four factors:

  • Ingredients:

Some sugars are of a monosaccharide, some are disaccharide and some are polysaccharides. These all types have different ratios of carbon inside and made of different sources. Best low carbs sugar are monosaccharide which made of fruits and vegetables.


  • Percentage of Calories:

Few sweeteners have 60% calories ratio, few have 15% and similarly, some sweetener exist with 0% calories. So we choose that sweetener which has 0% calories.


  • Amount of Usage:

Similarly, a few sweeteners excess of use can be harmful and they are not good for diabetes patients. But few sweeteners are too friendly for diabetes patients. So we choose that sweetener which should good for seniors and diabetes patients.


  • Sweetness level or Taste:

There are some sweeteners which sweetness level is lower than required and similarly, some sweetener taste is not very good. So, we should choose that sweetener which has a high level of sweetness and has good taste.


Best Low Carb Product Availability in the Market:

 Maltitol KetoAs far I researched and used different sweetener I found only one product in the market which fulfill all the criteria that are mentioned above and that is Erythritol keto. This product has the following features which make it best sweetener for seniors, diabetes patients and persons who are on a keto diet.

  • It is naturally found in fruits, vegetables and fermented food.
  • It is sugar alcohol that does not affect the blood glucose and 0% calories.
  • Erythritol has 0.2 calories per gram which are approximately zero and Diabetes patient can use it without any fear
  • Its taste is like natural sugar and although its sweetness level is 0.7 of table sugar which is much low as compared to another sweetener it is highest with such low calories.
  • Erythritol keto can help prevent plaque and tooth decay compared to other sweeteners.
  • Once Erythritol absorbed, the body does not use it and send it to the urine.
  • It does not have a glycemic index like other sugar alcohol
  • It does not cause any stomach pains or gas like other sugar alcohol
  • It can be used in low carb cooking without any fear.

Final Words:

These characteristics stand it at first position among other sweeteners like Truvia Keto, Maltodextrin keto and Maltitol keto etc. Erythritol keto is not only best for seniors and people who are doing keto diet but diabetes patients can use it with full confidence. Erythritol keto can use as a complete alternative of table sugar and is the best substitute for any low carb sugar.


Other Low Carb Products:

Here is a brief overview of other sweeteners (Maltitol keto, Maltodextrin keto, Truvia keto) with their facts which will help to clear the picture that Erythritol keto is the best choice than these.

  • Truvia Keto:

Truvia comes from the plant Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni, which is native to South America, Erythritol keto and natural flavor. Steviol glycosides extracted from the plant are responsible for its sweet taste.


  • Truvia does not contain stevia as they claim. They only have Rebaudioside A which not provide good health results.
  • Erythritol is a major component of Truvia. It does not cause harmful metabolism like sugar and is considered safe.
  • Certain ingredients of Truvia’s “natural fragrances” are not disclosed. However, it is probably an assortment of chemicals that are not naturally derived.

Final Words:

Facts show that Truvia does misguide to its users. Clinical facts are different from those facts which are mentioned on the Truvia product. Artificial chemical usage for flavor in Truvia also decreased its productivity. So, overall its usage is partially good but couldn’t take it as a permanent alternative.


  • Maltitol Keto:

Maltitol is also sugar alcohol which is extracted from fruit and vegetables. They are sweet but not as sweet as table sugar. They used in candies and other sweet items. Maltitol is considered a safe alternative for table sugar but you need to keep a few precautions while you use it.


  • Although it found in many sugar-free products diabetes patients should consider it seriously that after all, it is carbohydrate. This means it still has a glycemic index.
  • After eating Maltitol, people experienced gas and stomach pains.
  • Few users got diarrhea after taking Maltitol
  • The intensity of Maltitol intake is really bad. Always must care about the size of Maltitol intake.

Final Words:

Maltitol keto has more demerits than merits. Its usage can create a problem for seniors, diabetes patients, and keto diet followers. So it is beneficial only in a particular case.


  • Maltodextrin Keto:

Maltodextrin is a white powder made from rice, corn, and wheat or potato starch. Although it comes from plants, it was highly processed. To prepare it, the starch is first cooked and then decomposed by adding acids or enzymes such as thermostable alpha-amylase bacteria. The resulting white powder is soluble in water and has a neutral taste.


  • Maltodextrin has 4 calories per gram which are equal to table sugar. Although it digests quickly and helps to give an immediate boost for sugar but its alarming too that it can raise blood sugar level immediately.
  • The high glycemic index of maltodextrin means that blood sugar can increase dramatically. Especially when you consume large quantities.
  • For this reason, you may want to avoid or limit diabetes or insulin resistance if you have any. Avoid people at risk for diabetes. Another reason to limit maltodextrin is to keep your gut bacteria healthy.
  • If you follow a gluten-free diet, maltodextrin may be a concern. Maltodextrin is called “malt” on its behalf. Malt is made of barley and contains gluten. Maltodextrins, however, are also gluten-free, although they are wheat-based.
  • If you are trying to lose weight, avoid maltodextrin. It’s basically a carbohydrate with no sweeteners and no nutrients, which raises blood sugar. The sugar content of maltodextrin can lead to weight gain.

Final Words:

Maltodextrin has more disadvantages than benefits. It is not good for seniors, diabetes patients and persons who are on a diet. It can only benefit when you use very small amounts at a particular time. Maltodextrin is not a sweetener that can use at regular intervals.

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