Hormone Health and Weight Loss: 5 Ways for Healthy Living

Hormone Health and Weight Loss

Weight loss has never been an easy task for any individual. However, it is often more difficult for people who are struggling with their hormone health and weight loss. Hormones are known as a special type of chemical messengers that primarily manage various bodily functions such as reproduction, satiety, emotions and so on. When the levels of certain hormones in the body are imbalanced, it will be difficult for both men and women to lose weight.

Therefore, understanding hormone health can play a pivotal role in ensuring that healthy weight loss is achieved.

If you would like to improve your hormone health for a better result in your weight loss journey, read the details below to understand the hormones responsible for your struggles with weight loss. This article will also address how you can control these hormones to promote weight loss.



Hormone Health and Weight LossWhen it comes to losing belly fats, cortisol is one of the leading hormones that may determine whether you get a positive result or not. Cortisol is an adrenal hormone that is responsible for controlling the performance of other hormones such as the thyroid hormones, testosterone, and estrogen. Also, cortisol regulates metabolism and digestion and aids the ability to run, see and hear clearly in a dangerous situation.

This hormone is usually referred to as the stress hormone because its level is usually affected by chronic stress. Basically, the metabolic pathways that are responsible for weight gain are activated by stress. In the process, chronic stress leads to an increase in the level of the cortisol which, in turn, affects the normal functions of the cortisol. High level of cortisol leads to high blood sugar, high cholesterol level, increased belly fat, muscle loss, and high blood pressure.

How to Control Cortisol:

  • Change your Thought Process:

Most of the factors leading to stress come from our imaginations; they are not real. Therefore, stress can be managed by improving your thought process and beliefs. Proper management of your thought process can help you prevent stress; hence, you can see positive results in your weight loss activities.

  • Sleep:

Ensure that you sleep for at least 7 hours every night. Likewise, you should make sure that you are in bed before 11 pm.

  • Do Exercise & Relax:

An exercise is a powerful tool for reducing stress level; therefore, you should exercise regularly. Running, cycling, swimming, and other physical exercises are all good for de-stressing and lowering the level of cortisol so that you can lose weight. You should also take part in meditation, deep breathing and other activities that are capable of promoting relaxation.

  • Eat more Vegetables & Fruits:

Fresh fruits and vegetables can regulate the functioning of the adrenal gland so that the required amount of cortisol is produced consistently in the body.


Thyroid Hormones:

Hormone Health and Weight LossWhen looking at the relationship between hormone health and weight loss, thyroid hormones are some of the main hormones that should be considered. These hormones are in charge of controlling how the body accesses foods and help in breaking them down into energy that is needed in various parts of the body. When the level of thyroid in the body is low, there is an increase in the rate at which the body gains weight because the body cannot create energy properly.

Vitamin D deficiency, stress, gluten sensitivity, high level of cortisol and the environment are the major causes of low thyroid.

How to Control Thyroid Hormones:

  • Consume more Zinc, Iodine, & Selenium:

Zinc, selenium, and iodine are all minerals that are capable of stimulating the thyroid glands to produce more thyroid hormones. Therefore, take foods and supplements with a high concentration of these minerals to balance the thyroid hormones in the body and ensure proper weight loss.

  • Avoid Glutens and Raw Goitrogens:

Gluten diets usually trigger thyroid disorders; hence, you can prevent these disorders by taking only gluten-free diets. Furthermore, cauliflower, Brussels sprout, garden cress, and other food items with goitrogens should not be consumed raw. Rather than eating them raw, cook or roast them.

  • Exercise Regularly:

Physical exercises are also essential for regulating the level of thyroid hormones in the body; therefore, you can improve your hormone health and enjoy seamless weight loss by exercising regularly.



Hormone Health and Weight LossEstrogen is another hormone that inhibits the process of weight loss. When this sex hormone is too much or too low in the body, there is estrogen imbalance which stimulates the biochemical pathways responsible for hunger and makes you crave for more foods.

As a consequence of the estrogen imbalance, there is usually an increase in weight.

How to Control Estrogen:

  • Eat more Raw & Cooked Green Vegetables:

To reduce the level of estrogen, you should eat more raw and cooked green vegetables. These green vegetables will detoxify the liver so that excess estrogen in the body can be excreted. Some of the vegetables that are recommended for controlling estrogen level in the body include broccoli, collard greens, Brussels sprouts, broccoli sprouts, and radish.

  • Consume more Whole Food Fiber Supplements:

Whole food fiber supplements are capable of binding to some of the estrogen in the body; hence, they are excreted together from the body. This act will lower the level of estrogen in the body significantly.

  • Reduce Alcohol and Coffee Intake:

When you take alcohol and coffee, the liver is fully engaged in detoxifying them; thus, neglecting estrogen and other substances that also require detoxification. Resultantly, when you reduce or avoid coffee and alcohol, you will allow your liver to have more time to detoxify excess estrogen.

  • Stop using Plastic Materials:

Xenoestrogens, which are found in plastics, are some of the culprits of estrogen imbalance in the body. Therefore, to prevent estrogen imbalance, you must reduce contact with plastics by avoiding drinking or eating with materials that are made of plastics. Instead of plastic cups, plates and bottles, choose those made with stainless steel or glass.



Testosterone is a sex hormone that helps in ensuring that resistance training can stimulate restructuring of the musculature which is necessary during weight loss. However, when the level of the testosterone in the body is low, it will be unable to restructure the musculature; thus, making it hard to lose weight.

In addition, low testosterone affects the metabolic pathways by slowing it down; hence, promoting weight gain as the use of fats and other nutrients is inhibited.

How to Control Testosterone:

  • Reduce or Avoid Alcohol:

Consumption of excess alcohol affects the functions of the liver and kidney as it deters the detoxification of other substances such as testosterone. As a result, alcohol leads to hormonal imbalances, increased fatty liver and high triglycerides in the body. Therefore, by reducing or avoiding alcohol, you can effectively improve your hormone health and promote weight loss.

  • Eat Diets that can Increase your Testosterone Level:

Diets that are high in healthy fats, low in sugar and high in fibers are all capable of balancing your testosterone levels. These include green vegetables, organic fruits, ground flaxseeds, and lignans.

  • Eliminate Waste from your Body Regularly:

Constipation stores up harmful wastes in the body, and this leads to an imbalance in the level of hormones such as testosterone. So, it is important for you to eliminate at least once every day to regulate the amount of testosterone in your body. If you are experiencing difficulties with eliminating every day, you should consume more vitamin C, flax seeds, magnesium citrate, and probiotics regularly.



Hormone Health and Weight LossWhen you have belly fats, the insulin receptors can be stimulated negatively. Instead of opening to allow insulin to transport the needed glucose to the cells, these insulin receptors are shut; thus, preventing the cells from getting the glucose that they need. This phenomenon is referred to as insulin resistance.

Failure of the insulin to deposit glucose in the cells will result in a build-up of glucose in the blood. In response to the increase in the number of glucose in the body, the body stimulates the production of more insulin. Notably, insulin is also responsible for storing fats in the body. Consequently, as more insulin is produced, more fats will be stored; thus, there will be an increase in belly fat and weight. No matter how much you try to lose weight, an imbalance in the insulin will make the effort to be futile.

How to Control Insulin:

  • Watch what you eat:

You should take more low-carb diet, soluble fibers, fatty fish, green tea, cinnamon, and apple cider vinegar. All types of sugar, refined carbs, and alcohol should be avoided.

  • Exercise Regularly:

Physical exercise has the ability to reduce the level of insulin in the body; hence, fostering weight loss. Endurance and strength-training activities are particularly recommended for reducing the level of insulin. You should also walk, run, cycle and do other activities that can help you stay active.



Without a doubt, optimizing your hormone health will go a long way in promoting weight loss. The ball is now in your court as you can now take advantage of the information provided above to improve your overall health.


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