How To Lose Weight When You Can't Exercise | 7 Easy Ways

In this modern world, everyone is busy trying to earn a living such that there is no time left for working out. But does that mean that people should not care about their physique just because they are busy working? Not really. There are other ways that can be used to lose weight naturally without having to juggle workouts and your busy career routine. The following are some tips on how to lose weight when you can’t exercise?

How To Lose Weight When You Can’t Exercise

Add Protein To Your Diet :

Leave it to proteins to burn calories for you as you go about your daily routine. Some people associate protein with weight gain, but the scientific truth is that proteins help you to lose weight. More calories are burnt when digesting and metabolizing proteins. Proteins increase your metabolic rate which is a good thing for weight loss.

Proteins will make you feel satisfied for a long period thus helps you cut your calorie intake. Consider taking eggs every morning; they are a good protein source. The key thing to losing weight is eating fewer calories and burning more.


Eat Whole Foods :

Processed foods are usually more convenient, especially for people with busy schedules, but they are not as healthy as you might think. They have high-calorie content as opposed to whole foods. Whole foods are usually unprocessed, and they contain more proteins compared to processed foods. The proteins present in them will keep your stomach full and increase the rate of metabolism which helps you to lose weight. Proteins also stimulate the productions of hormones that are responsible for weight loss.

vegetables - how to lose weight when you cant exercise

Whole foods are a great source of fiber which helps in losing weight. A high fiber diet will take long to be digested and thus make you feel full for a longer time which will help you reduce the intake of calories.

Whole foods like fruits and vegetables have high water content. This water will occupy your stomach and reduce hunger which means you will eat less. This is helpful in cutting the consumption of calories.


Drink Water :

Not sure of how to lose weight when you can’t exercise? Just drink a lot of water, and you will naturally lose weight without any pressure of working out. You must be wondering how this works. It is said that water increases the rate of metabolism which promotes weight loss since more calories are burnt during the process.

Water also helps cleanse your body by flushing out any impurities and toxins thus resulting in weight loss. Water can help reduce your appetite which is a good way to deal with cravings for foods with high-calorie content. Your body will stop retaining water if you drink more. This is an excellent trick to make your body lose weight. Taking a glass of water is not enough to help you with weight loss, drink at least eight glasses daily.


Drink Coffee :

Coffee contains caffeine, a substance that most weight loss supplements contain. Caffeine increases body metabolism which results in the body burning calories. The caffeine in coffee stimulates the nervous system which sends signals to the fat cells to break down the fats which are used as fatty acids in the blood. Some studies have revealed that coffee can reduce your appetite which is what you might want as someone trying to cut off some weight.


Drink Green Tea :

A cup of green tea is not just good for you to feel relaxed, but it can also help you shed that extra pound. This beverage contains caffeine which is good for weight loss since it increases body metabolism. It also promotes the fats stored in your body to be broken down into fatty acids that are absorbed into the bloodstream. Green tea contains catechins; an antioxidant compound that helps in increasing body metabolic rate as well.


Eat Fiber-Rich Foods :

Foods with high fiber content will stay in your stomach for a long time before they can get digested. Some high-fiber foods also have a high water content which is another factor that will reduce your appetite and thus help you to eat less. Fiber increases body metallic rate and production of hormones responsible for the burning of calories.


Sleep Well And Avoid Stress :

It has been scientifically proven that both stress and sleep affect an individual’s appetite and weight. Lack of sleep and stress distracts the appetite hormone which can lead you to have more appetite and hunger. This will make you crave to eat more and also unhealthily. It is advisable that you sleep at least 7 hours each day.


Intermittent Fasting :

How To Lose Weight When You Can’t Exercise? Short period fasting is another way that can help you lose weight. It helps you cut the consumption of calories and burn more calories in the end. The fat in the body is stored energy. When you do not eat, your body will automatically convert the stored fat into energy that can be used by the body.

When you eat, insulin levels rise, and more sugar is absorbed into the bloodstream. On the contrary, when we do not eat, the insulin level drops and this promotes the burning of fats in the body.



All the above tips are meant to enlighten you on how to lose weight when you can’t exercise. You can decide to combine them all for faster results.

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Che Dau · August 20, 2018 at 10:35 am

Thanks for the tips.
This is very helpful. I am not a senior citizen but a woman at 30s with a temporary disability which disable me to do exercises or workouts.

Great post.

Kavitha · September 3, 2018 at 4:20 am

Good tips for those who cannot go with exercise to lose weight. Most of them think drinking coffee will put on weight. Good choice on choosing coffee to lose weight. Nice post!

Monica Bouteiller · September 3, 2018 at 4:22 am

From time to time, I always like to check and make sure I’m looking after my body by eating the right foods and doing the right things. After reading your article, I believe I’m on the right track.

I workout at bootcamp and so I do make sure I get enough protein to build muscle. I learned something new about protein. I didn’t know protein helps to lose weight.

I also drink lots of water and yes, definitely eat fiber-rich foods. Steel-cut oats are my favourite breakfast with blueberries and almond milk and also Boom Chicka Pop popcorn for fibre.

Thanks for this very helpful article.

Cambell · September 3, 2018 at 5:12 am

Great article with some really good tips, when it comes to weight loss the best place to start is always with your diet. You have some great tips like making sure you drink enough water, so many people mistake thirst for hunger and it can be a big cause of weight gain.

Thanks for the info

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