Infrared Sauna Weight Loss – Infrared Sauna to Burn Calories

Infrared Sauna Weight Loss

It is no secret that maintaining a healthy body weight is highly important for the overall quality of life. You can live a longer and healthier life by keeping a check on your weight. Many of us strive to lose those extra pounds from the body but find it difficult. One of the main reasons for trouble losing weight can be obesogenic chemicals which promote weight gain and resist weight loss.

They are chemicals which come in different forms in our daily lives and directly or indirectly increase the chances of obesity through disturbance of our metabolic and hormonal processes. Another big reason for struggles with weight loss is stress. High levels of stress contribute to building up fat we hold in hips, belly and thighs making us feel sluggish. When stress contributes to weight gain, it cannot be eliminated through lifestyle changes like diet and exercise. This is where Infrared Sauna comes into the picture. Using infrared sauna heat technology is a great way to lose weight resisted by obesogenic chemicals.

Heat therapy is known to benefit the human body in various ways and one of the biggest benefits is weight loss. Studies show that infrared saunas aid weight loss by using heat technology. It works in the same way as a moderate workout but is a much more relaxing method and hence effective and popular among those who are not able to indulge in exercise programs because of medical problems related to heart, respiratory problems or arthritis.


How Infrared Sauna Helps Lose Weight?

A study of 2009 showed that infrared saunas help lower weight gain and waist circumference in a period of three months. During a heat therapy session, the core temperature around the body increases and the body needs to do some work to cool itself resulting in a healthy perspiration. Using infrared sauna increases the cardiac output, heart rate and metabolism rate to burn calories and aid in weight loss.

Infrared Sauna Weight LossThe flow of blood increases to 13 quarts per minute. Regular use of Infrared Sauna provides similar benefits as moderate exercise like cardiovascular conditioning. Infrared Sauna helps to lose weight and combat weight loss resistance by getting your body rid of the stubborn chemicals which increase the body fat and weight leading to obesity. It helps you shed weight by detoxifying the body of harmful toxins that promote weight gain. You burn calories while relaxing in a comfortable position.


Does Infrared Sauna For Weight Loss Work?

It is perfectly safe to say that infrared sauna is currently the hottest trend in the beauty and wellness treatment industry. Sitting in the sauna doing nothing offers a range of benefits including improved blood circulation, increased energy, pain relief, calorie-burning and glowing skin. Infrared sauna heats the body directly and produces a deep, sustainable sweat at the cellular level to help the body lose weight through perspiration.

Exposing to infrared sauna causes the body temperature to rise, increasing the heart and metabolic rate to burn calories similar to that done by light jogging. Infrared sauna use results in more calories burned in shorter time period. It also causes the release of cellular toxins improving weight loss endeavors.

Infrared Sauna Calories Burned Per HourThe most common way to induce weight loss with an Infrared Sauna for Weight Loss is to sit comfortably and enjoy the sauna session. There are other ways to improve the effects and the resulting weight loss.

You can perform yoga while in the session to get benefits like better sleep and flexibility. You can even consider mild stretching during the sauna session to raise the core temperature more and feel more relaxing while helping in weight loss.


Calories Burned in Infrared Sauna Per Hour:

Infrared Saunas have been proved to aid in weight loss by heating the core body temperature, inducing sweating. It results in increased blood flow and heart rate which helps weight loss just like moderate exercise. They also help you get back to an active lifestyle by easing muscle aches and joint pains associated with training to boost weight loss.

Talking about the calories burned through infrared saunas, studies from sessions have shown to burn as much as 200 to 600 calories per hour which is similar to jogging session of an hour on treadmill. There is so much more that goes into weight loss, including eating and exercise habits, current weight and more. Just as the ideal diet for every person differs, the number of calories burned per hour by Infrared Sauna also differs from person to person.

Infrared Sauna for Weight Loss induces weight loss due to perspiration. The heat created by the sauna leads to sweating and the body loses a significant amount of fluid resulting in weight loss. Infrared Sauna weight loss is comfortable, relaxing and easy. Infrared sauna feels relaxing after a stressful day or an intense workout.

The session reduces tension in the muscles and helps the body sweat out many toxic substances through perspiration. Some other benefits of infrared sauna include better sleep, detoxification, clear and tighter skin, relief from sole muscles, improved circulation, relief from joint pains, help with chronic fatigue syndrome and more. These benefits promote the overall health and wellness of the user in addition to helping him/her lose weight.


Calories Burned In Infrared SaunaThere are no reports of negative effects of Infrared Sauna so far apart from the cautions of sauna including the chances of overheating, interference with medication and dehydrating. People use Infrared Saunas for treatment at a spa, health club or hospital. Some people also purchase the system to use at home.

If you are struggling with weight loss and looking for a relaxing and easy way to boost your weight loss efforts, Infrared Sauna Weight Loss might prove to be a great option for you. Regular use of infrared sauna not only promotes weight loss but also benefits your wellness and health in a number of ways, keeping you living healthy and active for longer.

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