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liquid diet for weight lose Getting that model body is never an easy task as you may think. It requires a little too much effort especially if you have a lot of extra fat that you need to get rid of. You might have tried different tricks for fast weight loss. Some people have gone through surgeries like Liposuction for weight loss, which has proved costly for them. Therefore, it is a big no for surgeries. Some people have lost weight with medicine and extreme diet. However, they too have paid the price because of the weakness and health-related issues post weight loss. Most of them regain weight quickly too.

However, hitting the gym is not always a priority for most people nowadays either due to busy schedules or other personal reasons. This is the reason many people opt for the rapid weight loss liquid diet. However, it is better that you take 30 minutes of yoga or the exercise to lose weight with the rapid liquid diet. It will help you to maintain your health level and stabilize your immune system as well liquid diet for weight loss.

Today, no specific liquid diet is known to exist. A liquid diet ideally comes with a low-calorie diet consisting of various liquids, which may include juice, smoothies, cayenne pepper, and lemon juice concoctions as well as nutritional juices that are clinically prepared. Overall, you are on liquid. You will not consume any kind of solid food. but do not worry. There are liquid foods, which are the extraction of solid food. What it means Is food may be liquid but it will have all the benefits of the solid food.

The liquids require to be taken for days, weeks or months depending on the results, the user expects. However, you should be very keen on the diet that you follow because some enable shedding a significant amount of weight that could leave you way too slim. You should contact your dietician for better planning of the liquid diet. Liquid diet includes break time in between the routine, where you can add solid food for one day for just for a couple of mealtimes. The routine changes to your diet plan and the weight loss goal.

When you decide on trying the rapid weight loss liquid diet, it is advisable that you consult your physician so that they help you with the best diet plan to follow. As these have a high impact on your body, do not follow any random liquid diet.

A liquid diet for weight lose involves replacement of all whole solid foods with either juice, soups, smoothies, frozen bars, a mixture of either or even all of the liquids. It is upon you to choose the ones that are readily available to you or whatever the physician has recommended for you.

Liquid Diet For Weight Lose

The liquid diet results in a rapid weight loss because it cuts down on the calories ingested in the body. You know that the more calories you have, the higher your weight, so once you restrict them, you will automatically lose weight.

The process of weight loss is pretty easy to understand and make happen. This is because you just have to ensure that the amount of calories that you consume does not exceed the amount that you burn.

If you need to lose a pound, there must be a deficit of 3500 calories. Therefore, if you do not keep your diet in check, you have to work out tirelessly to reach the deficit just for a mere pound. You can imagine how long it will take you to the gym to shed 20 pounds or more.

Most of the liquid diets that are safe for consumption have about 600-1000 calories, and when taken on a daily basis, they will create a massive deficit that will work magic on your weight. This is an inevitable way to attain a perfect body within days.

Liquid diets do not have to be medical; unless they are prescribed by doctors either due to obesity or healing from surgery. While going for the weight loss liquid diet, homemade or purchased vegetable juices or smoothies should be your priority over solid foods.

Pros of rapid weight loss liquid diet

People who have used this method to get the body size they have been craving to have amazing reviews about it. Below are some benefits of this diet plan that you need to know before you embark on the journey.

  • It cuts down weight very fast

surgery or the gym

Unlike other diet plans, liquid diets are deficient in calories as mentioned earlier. If all your meals contain only low sugar liquids, you will be surprised at how fast you can shed significant pounds. This plan works wonders in just a few days because it is more like you are starving your body hence there is no likelihood of adding any weight. You can even use the extraction of vegetable and tree roots or herbal roots to lose weight quickly. The toning effect will be good. You will lose fat from all parts of the body. This method does not support targeted and pointed weight loss, which is really a good thing in modern diet plan and weight loss program.

  • It cleanses the colon

surgery or the gym

liquid diet for weight loss helps in getting rid of toxic products as well as wastes found in the colon. This is an added advantage of drinking up along with losing weight. If you consume the liquids regularly, your colon will be free from toxins and waste products that are a health threat. What better way could you attain a healthier and sexier body?

  • It is cheaper

surgery or the gym

If you consider other extremes that people go to lose weight, be it surgery or the gym, a liquid diet will cost much less. Therefore, it is advisable for any person whose pocket is a bit lighter to try out this method. However, on a longer run, you need to add a different health beneficial drink for your diet to keep you going.


Every good thing has drawbacks. Nothing in the world is perfect, so here are some downsides of the rapid weight loss liquid diet. Understand all the risk related to the liquid diet plan before moving forward.

  • Most juices lack healthy ingredients

Some essential ingredients are not available in most of these liquids. Therefore, the body will be short of them hence its functionality will be altered. This process might bring about health issues that can risk your life. Our body needs nutrients to function properly. It may include any kind of problem from motor function to psychological effect on you. Yes, you can take pills or nutrition injections but they too have some or other kind of health-related issues.

  • It needs persistence

This liquid diet for weight loss is not a reliable way to get that Beyonce body. If you make a mistake of going back to the regular diet, you will be disappointed beyond words. You will regain your body weight in a snap of time. Some of the liquid diets include cheat time in it. It is to make sure that you regain your muscle mass and energy level. This cheat time includes healthy and well-calculated solid diet plan. Many people use this method for a better result.

  • Danger of mass loss

You need to understand one thing clearly. You are trying to lose body fay. However, when you go for rapid liquid diet, you will lose muscle and body mass too. You may continue to lose weight even after stopping the diet. The weight loss will stop at some point.  However, the impact will be big. If you feel, there is something wrong then consider revising your diet.


Some people would do everything to get that smashing figure. While there are numerous ways towards losing weight, a liquid diet for weight loss is the easiest one to choose. Don’t you think losing a couple of pounds in a week just by drinking liquids is more of magical? Do not let that weight weigh you down. There are other things you got to worry about, so drink up and weigh less.

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Mike Nosinek · December 12, 2017 at 7:07 am

Very interesting article. I particularly appreciate the fact that you’re not dismissing liquid diets for weight loss altogether. I’m currently doing Optifast, which is a medically supervised VCLD (800 calories per day). It’s only been two weeks and I’m already down 15 pounds.

I agree with the con of gaining the weight back very quickly, but if you slowly introduce yourself back to food, make better decisions about the food you eat, and stick to an exercise routine, it’s very possible to maintain the weight lost.

Thanks for posting this, very informative =)

    admin · December 12, 2017 at 3:51 pm

    That is good. You are doing great! I hope to see you again

Dusty · January 26, 2018 at 7:01 am

Very interesting, I lost my weight by not going to the gym but the park and walking everywhere and eating right and less. You are so right about the calories. I counted calories for months. I really need to get back to it. I think its a lifestyle change. I am glad you suggesting consulting your Doctor and You can make your liquids out of what you have available. I like the smoothie thing but sometimes I find it hard to accomplish on a day to day process. Thank you for the information and the feel good ending about don’t let your weight weigh you down. Amen to that.

    Edward · January 26, 2018 at 10:50 pm

    Thank you. I enjoy helping and I hope I can help you with my content.

Nestor Pitka · October 21, 2018 at 10:48 am

Appreciate it for helping out, wonderful info .

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