How To Lose Weight With A High Protein Diet-Learn Interesting Info

There is a wide range of methods of weight reduction currently in use. But lose weight with a high protein diet is one that is still a bit controversial to many people. It’s either a myth or belief among many adults that an increase in the consumption of proteins especially the beef, poultry and their related products results in gaining weight.

Can you lose weight with a high protein diet? Or is the opposite the truth? Let’s, first of all, get to understand what a high protein diet is and its effects on weight loss in order before making a final decision.


What is a High protein diet? (Lose Weight With A High Protein Diet)

A high protein diet makes consumption of proteins the main component of dieting. Lose Weight With A High Protein Diet It involves consuming proteins in high quantities above the standard recommendation. More than half of the protein foods qualify to be on high protein foods. The contribution of high protein diet to losing weight is mainly on the basis that a high protein intake removes the feeling of hunger. When you do not feel hungry, you do not consume any calorie and thereby reducing the levels of calories intake.


Effects of proteins on weight reduction (Lose Weight With A High Protein Diet)

  • Appetite and fullness

Proteins help to reduce the levels of hunger and at the same time leads to an increase in the hormones that reduces appetite.  Lose Weight With A High Protein Diet That means that you will have a feeling that you are not hungry. When you are not hungry, you will probably not consume anything. Your level of calorie intake will finally go down. Consuming a high protein diet, therefore, restricts your intake of calories.



  • Digesting and metabolizing proteins burns calorie

Proteins contain a high number of calories that are used in digestion and metabolizing food.  Lose Weight With A High Protein DietDuring digestion of proteins, an increase in the rate of metabolism takes place. In the process, you burn almost 20-30 percent of the protein calories.

Intake of protein results in burning more calories; high protein intake enhances metabolism. Consumption of high protein may result in the burning of 80-100 more calories in a day.


  • Proteins reduce the feeling of cravings

Food craving is one of the main reason that makes most people on a diet not to achieve the weight loss goals.  Lose Weight With A High Protein DietProtein can help you stop craving and to stop the desire to snack at night as well. Therefore, consumption of more high protein diet can result in considerable reductions in the urge to snack at night and cravings as well. When you can manage both of these as a dieter, then you will stick to the healthier and recommended diet. In the long run, you will end up achieving your weight reduction goals.

Can you lose weight with a high protein diet? High Protein diet results in weight loss without necessarily having to control the number of calories you consume or burn. A little increase in the amount of protein eaten may prevent you from regaining weight.


  • Protein helps prevent loss of muscle and slowing of metabolism

Losing weight is not equivalent to losing fat. When you lose weight, you reduce the muscle mass. Many people do not want to cut their muscle mass. Lose Weight With A High Protein Diet

Eating a high protein diet results in the reduction in muscle loss during the weight loss process. It also helps in keeping the metabolic rate high. High metabolic rate results in the burning of fats. So, if taken in combination with strength training, it results in weight reduction when combined with resistance training and protein-rich diet, you achieve an increase in the muscle mass. Diet rich in proteins increase the muscle size and overall body strength.


What is the recommended quantity of protein intake?(Lose Weight With A High Protein Diet) Lose Weight With A High Protein Diet

For a high protein diet to help in loss of weight, you should aim at 25-35 percent of calories as proteins. 30 percent of calories is equal to 150 grams of protein on a 2000 calorie diet.

It is good to spread the intake of the proteins throughout all the meals rather than taking it all in one meal. But this should not be taken as the standard recommendation. The quantities consumed may vary depending on your set goals in weight loss.

Basic guidelines on how to follow a high protein diet

A high protein diet is easy to follow, and you can customize it to suit your preferences and any health-related goals

  • Have a food diary. The diary should provide the protein values of the foods. It also allows you to set your own calorie goals.
  • Calculate your protein needs depending on your weight loss achievement goals.
  • Have a plan for the amount of protein to consume per meal. The total amount proteins consumed per day should add up to the total amount of proteins that you need.
  • Incorporate both the animal and plant proteins.

Protein is the best nutrient when it comes to losing weight. There are no restrictions on the intake of a diet in high protein as most of these foods are tasty. Consuming it makes one easily satisfied.

Protein can reduce hunger feelings and boost metabolism, but you also have to check on the number of calories that you burn. You cannot make any progress in weight loss if you do not consume fewer calories than you burn. This means that you still have to stick to taking a balanced diet which comprises a whole, single ingredient food.

If your diet comprises of high proteins, it will help in preventing you from becoming overweight.

From the above explanation, can you lose weight with a high protein diet? Just give it a try and see the results. But do not forget to continue keeping fit and eating other whole and healthy foods.

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