5 Weight Loss Myths: That Needs to be Stopped Right Now

5 Weight Loss Myths: You Need to Stop doing

Most of the people believe that losing weight is a tough task therefore, people are always ready to opt for a number of strategies through which they can shed some extra pounds. It is quite interesting to observe that people usually don’t believe in digging into the concept of weight loss and tend to practice all those ways which potentially claims to provide the best results even at the cost of the person’s health and sanity.

If you are also planning to shed some kilos. However, your mind isn’t letting you accept the traditional weight loss myths associated with the weight loss then, you might need to dig deeper into this article because we have got some really useful information for you.

What is Weight Loss?

In simpler terms, weight loss is the procedure through which our body becomes the calorie deficit. Usually, weight loss programs consist of the two objectives, the first one is the deficiency of the calorie and another one is gaining the lean body mass which helps in keeping your weight healthy.

According to the research, the healthy weight loss program can take up to 12 to 24 months depending on the body of the person.

However, due to the continuous increase in the obesity rates, now people are more interested in the rapid weight loss programs which ultimately results in a number of health-related problems.

Some of the common weight loss myths which you might hear about during your transformation procedure are mentioned in the article below.


Myth # 1: Eat less and you’ll Lose More

weight loss mythsI have heard a number of people claiming that if you will eat less then, you would be ultimately able to lose more weight. Well, you should remember that eating less is directly associated with less energy which can easily result in weakness and not weight loss.

For losing weight, you have to balance your diet and consume according to your body needs. For instance, you might have to incorporate protein in your breakfast, carbs in your lunch, energy in your snacks and green items in your dinner.

There should always be an option of portion control rather than directly cutting on the important food.


Myth # 2: For Fat Loss, the only Workout is needed

weight loss mythsThere is certainly no denying the fact that workout is highly important and it shouldn’t be only practiced while losing the weight, it should be part of your lifestyle. However, while losing weight, you can simply not rely on the workout because it will only take your energy and will not provide any effective results.

If you continue to work out without properly managing your daily diet and food intake then, you would only be able to waste your energy which will result in the headache, calcium deficiency and other major health problems.

For losing weight, you will have to balance all the things together.


Myth # 3: Consume Detox and you will be Smart

weight loss mythsIn this modern world, now detox is being treated as the only miracle and healthy thing which can help you in losing a lot of weight. It is certainly hard for people to understand the fact that detox can be dangerous because it seems so “green” and healthy.

Well, the reality is totally different because when it comes to the detox water or drinks then, you are supposed to keep a keen eye on the intake of your food.

It is important to understand that improper detoxification can lead to some serious stomach issues including constipation. Your goals should always be towards the balanced diet rather than the shortcuts.


Myth # 4: Crash Diet is the Key to Success

weight loss mythsIf you are planning to do the crash diet then, we would recommend you to say a big no to the diet even. A crash diet is not only injurious to your body, but it can also have a very bad impact on your mind and mental processing systems.

According to the research, the crash diet forces you to entirely cut the consumption of all the healthy food items including the crabs. The deficiency could lead to low energy leading to faintness and drowsy feeling throughout the day.

If you really want to lose weight through dieting then Alpiste Diet is the best possible option.


Myth # 5: Eat with Time

weight loss mythsMost of the unprofessional dieticians might recommend you to schedule your food according to the time rather than hunger. Well, this practice is true when you are following the complete food schedule. However, if you are eating till 7 pm and after that, you are hungry for the next 12-14 hours then, you wouldn’t be able to see any effective results.

In order to achieve your goals, you have to schedule yourself and your food based on your daily food intake and also the hunger level. Eating with time will only make you hungry in the long run leading to several problems.

If you have heard any of the people claiming these remedies and you are following them blindly. Then, trust us, you are simply wasting your time because these weight loss myths are completely wrong and are not backed by any of the proven statements.

If you really want to lose weight then, you have to bring complete balance in your diet as well as in your exercise so that you can achieve your health goals without costing anything to your health.



We totally understand the fact that losing weight isn’t an easy task and it requires a lot of hard work. However, if you decide to believe in the useless tips then, you might not only be impacting the results but you will risk your health to a greater extent.

These weight loss myths might help you in shedding some kilos during the initial phase but in the long run, you would be able to get any results at all.

Your health and safety should be the first priority so take care of yourself.

If you have any questions or queries then, feel free to leave your comments below and our experts will get back to you pretty soon.

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