Weight Watchers For Men Over 50 - Losing Weight after 50

Weight Watchers For Men Over 50

The founder of weight watchers Jean Nidetch in the 1960’s invited a group of her female friends to her house so they can figure out the best ways to lose weight. A lot of men did not find this interesting so cared less about Weight Watchers For Men Over 50 at the time. 

This started out as a weight loss plan for women but men later realized that they lose weight almost the same way like women. Though the point of system, coupons and pricing are the same, but they don’t lose weight exactly the same. 


Let us go over the concept of weight watchers for men over 50.

This will include Meetings, SmartPoints, WW App, Resources and Support. 


Due to motivation and accountability, Weight Watchers meetings have proven to be very successful. A lot of weight watcher have succeeded better with personal trainers or coaches but a lot of people over fifty years do well through Connect. If you have ever used a personal trainer or taken classes at the gym you will probably know that the lessons are easy and you will not want to stop going there. 

You will be attended to personally with the meetings and supported with the weekly weight-ins which provides both accountability and motivation. Men over fifty will likely not stray from their diets when they are aware that they must account for that.

Men over fifty years most of the time choose to do freestyle, that is online only with Weight Watchers due to as meetings do not most of the time fitting their schedule, most of the meetings heavily attended by women or cost more. You could actually check out for some meeting locations around you. 

Smart Points:

As mentioned earlier, the weight watchers plan for men is the same like that for women but for the fact that the experience is slightly different. You will count points instead of calories like women do. This was a revolutionary idea from the beginning as the foundation of this program Weight Watchers

So as a man over 50, each day you might get about 40 SmartPoints. Just say is some money for food for that day. Unhealthy food will cost you more and it is not forbidden in the program. Healthy food like fruits and vegetables will cost fewer SmartPoints. So counting SmarterPoints, you will fully be aware that unhealthy food cost higher points and healthy food cost fewer and will surely be a smarter choice

So as a man over 50, you will be treated differently during the allocation of SmartPoint because generally men are taller and quite bigger with more lean muscles. Men will usually have a few extra points each day to spend in the same program and points. A weight watcher app is used to track the points so you will do it from the palm of your hand. No cumbersome equipment. 

About the Weight Watcher app:

You will need this app installed in your handset to be able to track you SmartPoints every day. When you track your points, it helps you to better understand what you have to eat so as to save some points and stay with your budget. This whole idea is just to aid you in making better choices of food, which is going to benefit you all your life. That is what you get from weight watching, life-long rewards. The Weight Watcher App is a very important tool to your success in weight loss and is included in the price of all the plans. 


How the Weight Watcher App works

The App displays the following: 

  • Activity (shows how active you are each day) 
  • Barcode Scanner (displays the SmartPoints value of packaged food before you take them home)
  • Connect (when you click on this button you share triumphs, tips, and inspiration with other members)
  • 24/7 Expert Chat (your get advice and answers from people who have been in your shoe)
  • Weight (records you weight and follows your progress with the Weight Watch) 
  • Search for Receipts & Restaurants (scroll down to find meal ideas tailored to your taste)
  • Track (tap to track food and activities) 
  • Search ( find food or activities typing them)

This is what the infographic typically displays. You are encouraged to track you points immediately after every meal for the sake of accuracy as it is the key for taking.


Resource and Support for Men over 50

Weight Watchers have evolved with time as phones and social media are evolving. You do not need to log into the Weight Watchers website to get Information and Support like before. The online support has evolved into “Connect”,


Weight Watchers Social Network for Members:

Good diets without motivation might not succeed due to lack of motivation. The Connect’s supportive community will always provide the support needed that is crucial for any diet’s success. The men especially Weight Watcher over 50 are encouraged to post their favorite recipes and exercises, encouragements to others, photos or even videos of their Weight Watcher’s journey and things that inspire you.



Most studies show that Weight Watchers for Men over 50 is quite effective though might not be much more so compared to diets similar to it. It encourages you to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. With Weight Watchers, you can live a healthier, happier and longer life. For further details on best weight loss programs for seniors please visit this article.

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